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  • 27. November 2015 um 07:00
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Logos - SPRO and Cresta

Arjan Klop Cresta Brand Manager at SPRO Sports Professionals

As of 4th January 2016 Arjan Klop will start as Cresta Brand Manager at SPRO Sports Professionals. In an entirely new position within the organisation, Arjan will be responsible for enhancing the Cresta brand.

SPRO President Shigenobu Hakama: ‘The market is developing more than ever before, new ideas come and go. With Arjan’s knowledge, 15 years of experience and his good reputation inside as well as outside the industry, Arjan fits very well within the growth ambitions of SPRO with the Cresta brand.’

SPRO President Shigenobu Hakama welcomes Arjan Klop at SPRO N.V.

Arjan will be involved in promotion and communication. The main focus lies on the future and everything will be done to remain the reliable and stable partner for retail and the angler.

Arjan Klop: ‘For many, many years SPRO has a great reputation and the personal, no-nonsense way of working really appeals to me. When the opportunity arose, I picked it up with both hands as I see it as a great step forward.’