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  • 25. Juni 2015 um 09:00
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Impact Bagging Waggler  
Impact Bagging WagglerAt Matrix we pride ourselves on our ‘Fresh Thinking’ and have consequently designed two unique banging wagglers. First up is the Impact Bagging Waggler, which is designed not to plunge on impact with the water to ensure you can get a bite as quickly as possible. The cage on the base of the float can be loaded with bait to allow a trickle of free feed to fall from the float around your hookbait. This method is especially effective for carp in the warmer months when they are feeding in the upper layers. This is also a very effective tool when fishing tight to islands with a method feeder. If you start to get to many line bites then you can swap to the Impact Bagging Waggler and effectively turn the swim upside down and catch the fish as they feed mid-water!
Impact Bagging Waggler Impact Bagging Waggler
Micro Bagging Wagglers  

Micro Bagging WagglerIn addition to our new Impact Bagging Waggler we also have this refined Micro Bagging Waggler, which is basically a crystal pellet waggler with the addition of our feeder cage at the base. The clear body reduces the chances of fish spooking whilst the cage at the base enables you to introduce a steady stream of free feed around your hookbait, which is especially helpful when you are fishing out of catapult. The waggler also comes supplied with interchangeable weights to allow you to fine tune the float depending on the amount of feed you wish to mould around the cage.

There are two sizes available which are 8g and 10g.

Micro Bagging Waggler Micro Bagging Waggler
Pellet Waggler  

We have a great new range of loaded crystal pellet wagglers that are perfect for helping you to catch lots of fish up in the water column. The clear body reduces the chances of fish spooking from the float whilst the pre-loaded weights ensure the float can cock without adding extra shot to the main line. The weights on the Pellet Wagglers are removable so you can fine tune it to your preference. Another great benefit of these Pellet Wagglers is that they are compatible with our Pellet Waggler Feeder Cages (available separately, two in a pack), which can be added to the base of the pellet waggler to convert it into a micro bagging waggler that introduces feed around the hookbait!

The Pellet Wagglers are available in the following sizes: 8mm - 4g, 6g and 8g plus 10mm – 6g, 8g and 10g.

Pellet Waggler Pellet Waggler
Pellet Waggler Feeder Cages  
These unique cages are designed for converting a Matrix Pellet Waggler into a Micro Bagging Waggler. They can also be used on other pellet wagglers that have a screw in weight up to 10mm in diameter. These cages enable you to cast the waggler out with free feed attached. Pellet Waggler Feeder Cages
Insert Waggler  

Another new waggler addition to our range are these loaded Insert Wagglers. Available in 3, 4, 5 and 6g they all feature a high visibility fluoro tip as well as interchangeable weights to aid presentation and accurate casting.

Insert Waggler
Pellet Waggler Attachments  

These handy attachments have been designed for use with all Matrix Pellet Wagglers allowing for quick and easy changing of waggler.

They come supplied with multiple float stops to ensure your waggler cannot slip on the cast. 5 clips and 20 float stops per packet.

Pellet Waggler Attachments