Matrix Product News - Mai 2016

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  • 31. Mai 2016 um 10:00
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Horizon 6000 reel: 159,99 Euro

The new Horizon 6000 is the perfect reel for mid to long-range fishing, with a unique design evolved from the world of distance casting. The oversized spool and slow line oscillation combine to enable you to fish distances you could previously only dream of.

  • 5 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • 4.6:1 Gear ratio
  • Mesh-Tech Gearing system
  • Slim Handle
  • Micro Line Lay Adjustment
  • Silver & Blue Range Casting Clips
  • Twist Free Roller
  • Front Clutch and Grit Guard
  • Anti Backlash System
  • Rotor Line Guard
  • Silver & Blue Range casting clips
Horizon 6000 Horizon 6000
Horizon 6000 Horizon 6000

Impact pencil bagging waggler: 4,19 Euro

The new Pencil Bagging Waggler is a float designed to make an impact, the prefect choice for accurate feeding or fishing shallow. The base can be loaded with any soft bait and the additional buoyancy enhances the self-hooking qualities.

Impact pencil bagging waggler Impact pencil bagging waggler
  • Available in two sizes, 10g Medium & 15g Large
  • Highly visible
  • Adjustable loading capacity
  • Removable feeder
  • Perfect for shallow fishing or fishing against islands
  • Extra buoyancy aids self hooking
  • Ideal when a large amount of feed is required
Impact Bagging Pencil Wagglers

Domed Cage feeders: 3,19 Euro

Domed Cage Feeders

The design allows the feeders to be quickly and efficiently filled with one hand making them ideal for catching a lot of fish. The domed top enables more feed particles to be carried and quickly deposited thanks to the free flow dome. A swivelled stiff link prevents tangles and aids accurate casting.

  • Perfect for carrying a lot of particles including chopped worm and caster.
  • Stiff swivelled link to prevent tangles
  • Free flow dome for rapid release of bait
  • Ideal for feeding large amounts of particles
  • Can be quickly and efficiently filled one handed
  • Available in Small (20g, 30g, 40g)
  • Available in Medium (20g, 30g, 40g, 50g)


 Domed Cage Feeders
Domed Cage Feeders Domed Cage Feeders Domed Cage Feeders

Torque Carp Margin Poles: 64,99 Euro

An incredibly strong pole designed to land the biggest of carp from commercials and carpdromes. Designed for use with heavy elastic and incorporating a progressive action it’s the perfect tool to subdue huge fish quickly. At 4.5m it’s ideally suited for margin fishing or a first taste of pole fishing.

  • 4.5m making it ideal for margin fishing
  • Incredibly strong and capable of landing big carp
  • Take apart sections
  • Progressive action

32mm Yellow Inserts: 2,99 Euro

The huge range of Matrix 3D accessories is now available to anyone who owns a seat box with 32mm round legs. The inserts can be clipped into any accessory from the range for a perfect fit.

  • 2 inserts per pack
  • Allows use of all 3D accessories on any 32mm diameter round leg
32mm Yellow Inserts

Collapsible Water Bucket: 9,99 Euro

The perfect and versatile addition to every anglers carryall. This small lightweight bucket folds flat taking up little space but when in use it can hold up to 4.5 litres of water. A removable drop cord can be used to help fill the bucket on high platforms or when sat on your box. As well as the obvious uses such as mixing groundbait, washing your hands or fish care it can also be filled and used as additional weight for high pole rollers.

  • Welded PVC construction
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Rigid top ring
  • 4.5ltr capacity
  • Removable 1.6m drop cord with clip
  • Approximate dimensions: 16.5cm diameter, 23cm high
Collapsible Water Bucket Collapsible Water Bucket

Evolution Power Grip Method Feeder: 3,19 Euro

Evolution Power Grip Method Feeder

Matrix Evolution Method feeders have been designed to meet the latest needs of match anglers. Now with the Power Grip design to give the moulded bait more grip to help withstand forceful casts and use in deeper water. With its quick change line slot and removable tail rubber changing between feeders has never been easier.

  • Power Grip design ideal for distance fishing or deep water
  • Removable tail rubber and line slot for quick change system
  • Recommended for use with the Matrix Rubber Quick Bead
  • Available in 3 sizes 22g, 30g, 40g
  • Works with the existing Squeeze and Feed mould.
Evolution Power Grip Method Feeder
  Evolution Power Grip Method Feeder  Evolution Power Grip Method Feeder

Mini Swivel Cage Feeder: 3,19 Euro

Mini Swivel Cage Feeder

These small cage feeders are the perfect size for feeding small amounts of bait on natural venues when targeting smaller fish or on Commercials when packed with softened pellets or meat.

  •  Small size ideal for both natural waters or commercials
  • Available in three weights 18g, 23g & 30g
  • Swivelled stiff link prevents tangles
Mini Swivel Cage Feeder Mini Swivel Cage Feeder