1. Italian Master Feeder 2011

  • von Matteo Maggi - www.fishingmania.it
  • 12. Januar 2012 um 04:45
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The 2nd weekend of November, as you all well know, Ostellato became the capital of the fisheries in Italy. Well, maybe it was not only during that weekend because every Saturday and Sunday the focus is on Ostellato. On Saturday 12th more than 400 pairs of fishermen took part in the 2nd Edition of Italian Masters and on Sundays, in addition to events organized by Colmic, Trabucco, Tubertini, the club of Città del Rubicone, the organization has decided to give more space to feeder, a technique that is gaining more and more now in Italy.

the Venue

And so was born on 1 Italian Master Feeder. Certainly not a competition that is comparable to an Italian Championship or future Championships in pairs and teams, but still a fine showcase of fishing and a prestigious victory. Chosen venue for the race was the section called "Animali" in Covato, between the other competition planned on the channel. The weather conditions were favorable, with good weather to dominate and a temperature of no more than 10 ° C. Normally the races ledgering have a duration of 5 hours, but in this case, it was decided to shorten it to 240 minutes. Unfortunately the fish was the notably absent.

Oddly enough if we consider that this technique has always brought good results where the coarse fishing rods failed. Total of 70 competitors, many have finished the race without taking a fish. The bream, perhaps blocked by the sudden cold, perhaps stressed by many, too many races that it continue to play on the Circondariale Lepri, they responded with an effort. But were captured some nice carp in excess of kilo and a half, which made the difference for the final classification in pairs and teams.

the scales signed their work by requiring weights between one or two kilos

Fishing was conducted initially at the center channel, and then move on from 60 to 70 meters from the bank in search of the few fish present on the competition area. The bloodworm was not allowed and the maggots, live or dead, was the principal baits. Many types of feeders are used like cages, Dutch master and black cup; all of the feeder had a weight between 30 and 50 grams, mounted on sliding frames for not suspicious of the few fish presents. Reason why it has forced the use of end long enough for bream, 50 - 70 cm with monofilaments of 0.12.

At the end the victory went to Team LBF Italia of Mirko Garzetti, Gregorio Monego, Angelo and Massimiliano De Pascalis with three penalties. What said, perhaps the strongest team on the competition area, formed by three of six components of Team Italy that was in Monte Molino for the World Championship. About the final rankings in pairs, the  victory goes to Enrico Mancini and Antonello Ercolanelli of Fario Club in front of Pasquale Vitale and Gianmarco Lombardi of Team LBF Italia and the couple Corbelli - Benvenuti. Excellent organization of the event led by Stefano Linati. This race ends the series of national competitions which will resume in spring 2012, most likely with the Italian Championship in pairs.


For champions-team.de from Italy, Matteo Maggi, www.fishingmania.it