1. Balzer Feeder-Cup Italy

  • von Matteo Maggi, www.fishingmania.it
  • 05. Dezember 2012 um 05:14
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It was a great success despite the abundance of fish. We start with these words speaking about Sunday 25th November, days of the 1° Balzer Feeder Cup. An individual competition of feeder fishing organized by BIG, distributors of Balzer for Italy and www.fishingmania.it. They have chosen as venue for this event the Casaleggio’s Lakes, a beautiful complex of lakes known far only 50 km from Milan and 70 km from Turin, which has received all 42 fishermen present at this first Balzer Cup.

the Casaleggio’s Lakes
The Casaleggio’s Lakes - click to enlarge -

A day that had more of a competition; a day where the most important thing was to enjoy, with, if possible, adding a touch of competitive spirit that never fails. It wasn’t a case that the organization has opted to leave free everything about baits, bloodworms and fouilles except of course, allowing the use of pellets and boiles up to 10 mm. Was possible to use also the method feeder being the most profitable technique. A decision that have left everyone satisfied. Although up to one week before the race predictions were very uncertain about the possibility of rain or not, the weather has given us a wonderful day, obviously quite cold in the morning with the temperature was around 4°C (more than legitimate being the end of November), as more and more warm up to 12-13°C when the sun was at its highest point in the sky.

At 7:30 a.m. each of the fishermen pulled their number to go directly to their place. The start was at 9.15 am and, after a few minutes of baiting with large cage; the method feeder was the principal technique used by all, with someone have decided to try with cage feeders with no more than 40 grams. Considering the number of people present and the very cold temperature of the water, it was not strange that the fish did not move immediately but, after a few minutes from the start a few carp was brought to the landing net. With the passing of the time some more carp was caught and someone has decided to set up the competition on the fishing of carassios. How many people told me during the race, they found a very nice lake with a depth not indifferent about five meters, but also very technical, understandable since the end of November. In any case who managed to bring in the net 4 - 5 carps has been sweating a lot, but at the same time was pleased to be able to understand the kind of fishing to do. The section with more fishiness was the second sector where the victory was decided with more than fifteen carp and the winner was Massimiliano Loda.

The first section was won by Fabrizio Germani and the third sector was won by Alessandro Merlotti resisting the return of the last of venue, Cristian Gadda, who has set his competition capturing more of twelve carassios. The fourth area is the one that has suffered most of all, despite being completely isolated and there were two externals; in this case victory went to Pasquale Vitale who was able to take four fish in landing net with no little difficulty. Claudio Terzuolo has won the fifth section, Fabio Mosele winner the sixth and the young Luca Dellatorre the last section, catching seven carp fishing very well. Awarded to the first three of the sector with products strictly Balzer: Net bag for the third of sector, The reel Alegra Pearl for the second reel and rod Barbel Spezial Feeder from 145 grams for the winner.

The absolute winner of the day was Massimiliano Loda masterful in interpreting the race and find a way to go fishing from the first minute until the end; for him the prize Zammataro Masterpiece II 40 grams. Award also for the second absolute of progressive ranking that was Luca Dellatorre with over 17 kilograms; he has won one of the most important reels of Balzer like Feedermaster 9600. Although he was an individual race is to underline the good performance of the three components of the future team feeder Oltrarno Colmic that, in addition to winning the event with Loda, took home a second of sector with Andrea Caruso, bronze individual in last world championship and a third with Ettore Caruso. Always present on the upper floors of the rankings LBF Calendasco - PC that has won three of seven sectors. At the end of the race everyone present, fishermen and others, have been able to see some of the latest products that will hit the market in 2013 and that of course will be reviewed on Fishingmania both articles, especially with video. In addition to the series of Zammataro Masterpiece II, have been shown the new rods series Feeder Ace rods with slightly parabolic action, which is also part of the new Ace Method Feeder specially made for fishing in the pond. Among other innovations, the first prototype of the new Method and pasture and pellets made specifically for fishing with the method by Michael Zammataro.

The novelty is precisely the pasture that are made with an oil base that allows it to be kept for up to three months from the time they are open. Finally, thanks to Big that made this possible. Congratulations to the winners and the losers, we hope to see you again at next year's Balzer Feeder Cup and other events, if we can organize.