The International Danish Spring Cup

  • von Daniel Noch /
  • 07. Juni 2012 um 01:28
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This years International Danish spring cup took part on the 21st and 22nd of April.The two day competition saw 10 teams placed into 2 sections on the river Rands in the northern town of Stvenstrup.

During this time of the year the river is full of fish, and mostly dominated by roach up to 500 grams, with rudd and ide, weights of 40 kg are possible in 4 hours. The river is between 25 and 40 meters wide, and depth vary between 1.5 to 4 meters. Best methods at this time of the year are the pole, whip and Bolognese rods.

Denmarks Top International Simon Jensen

On Friday 4 anglers including myself decided to concentrate on finding the right rig, and to choose a tactic for the competition. Fishing with sweetcorn, we managed to catch a bigger stamp of fish, but we also experienced a lot of missed bites. We realised that we would have to be very fast tomorrow.

With the current quite fast, we fished regular river floats between 3to 8 grams. I decided to stick to the pole as I accidentally broke my Bolo rods on leaving home.

My groundbait mix for the competition:
  • 1 kg Roach groundbait
  • 1 kg River groundbait
  • 1 kg MVDE Turbo
  • 2 kg River Leam
  • 2 kg Argille leam
  • 2 kg connected leam
  • 150gr roasted hemp
  • 200gr of boiled hemp
  • 400gr fluo-mix
  • 2 cans of corn
  • 1 Litre maggots
  • Red worm
  • Casters Maggots
  • Sweet corn, red

I also had 1 liter of pinkies of which I combined with gum Arabic and gravel to make sticky pinkies. I cupped a ball at the beginning in the hope of bonus Ide or Bream which had appeared in training on the river. The ground bait mix is quite rich and sticky to insure it holds the bottom during the entire match.

Saturday morning and the fish appeared from the start, but what worried me was the size. It appeared that the large roach that were to be had in training had now disappeared in this section. Red worm or sweet corn on the hook did bring the bigger fish, but I had to wait too long for these. I'd used a size 6 gr. Float for most of the session.

In the last 2.5 hours of the match my tactic was to catch the maximal amount of fish, but this was very difficult due to the amount of pike in the river. I managed to hook 5 pike in this time, and had several roach taken from the hook by these predators.

Bjaerne Johansen with a strong Roach

These were no small pike but quite large species, so to try and break the hooklength as quick as possible is the best way not to waste time on trying to land them.

Sunday I drew section A, here was more fish to be had. Using the same groundbait mix, I decided to add 50% of my mix in the initial balling in, introducing small balls regularly during the 4 hours.
In all, I caught the fish throughout the sessions and from the middle of the sections I was happy to finish individually 1st. Unfortunately my team mate Ole finished a disappointing 9th. Leaving us overall 2nd in the team classifications.

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