European-Championship 2016 - Interview with champion Tamas Walter

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  • 23. August 2016 um 13:00
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He's already 2x World Champion and after his Vice World Champion title from last year, he's now crowned European Champion. We have the exceptional Hungarian Angler Tamas Walter in Interview.

Bonusfisch im Drill

CT: Tamas, our congrats for the winning of the EC competition in Almere! Did you expect this result before the trip to Almere?

TW: Thanks a lot J Absolutely not, I expected to be close to the podium with the team but individually its hard to expect anything.

CT: How did you prepare yourself for Almere? We now that you are well connected in the matchscene in Europe, did you get any usefull informations before the EC?

TW: We were fishing here in 2009 on the WC, so had a picture already, but tried to get actual information from friends who fished the dutch national qualifications and the 6 countries competition a few days before. I knew what size and quantity of fish we will fish for, but we had to find out ourselves how to do it.

The Laage Vaart in Almere, Venue of the European Championship 2016

CT: Based on our long relationship we follow up your life in general and it looks, like you spent more time n the bank this year. Is this the truth?

TW: Hard to say exactly, but maybe yes, specially including feeder matches. Normally I sit 120-150 days on my seatbox every year, this year will be the same.

CT: Coming back to Almere. When did you arrive in Almere and when did you start you training?

TW: We arrived Sunday evening, and fished only the 5 days. We planned to come earlier, but as we heard about the fishing situation, we decided to stay at home as long as possible :)

Good conditions yet few fish at the Laage Vart

CT: How was your training week? Did you face a lot of changes during the week?

TW: We had a hard but useful week. First we realized that the bottom is different then in 2009, they cleared the mud in the winter. We didn’t really had any bream boxes during the week, so concentrated on smallfish.

Tamas Walter during the training week

CT: What kind of different tactics did you and you team run through the week, how did the venue react to this different approaches?

TW: We worked on two issues simultaneously: perch and bream. We tried different feeding strategies for perch, and found that we need to be active in the first hour as that is the best period to catch the small ones. For the bream it was hard as we never really had a peg for them.

CT: What was your match plan and when did you “find” this match plan?

TW: We had very different pegs for certain areas. As you know there are about 30-40 pegs in Almere where you have a good chance to catch bream, all the others are mainly for small fish. So matchplan after drawing only...

CT: Lets talk a bit about the initial feeding and the top up during the competition. This is normally the way the fishermen decided to have success or to be unsuccessful. What did you feed during the initial feeding and how and when did you top up your different lines?

TW: For smallfish 1kg Sensas Etang with 4 kg black earth including 100g joker and some dead pinkis. We put this quantity to at least to spots to be able to change frequently. Toppin after 1 hour but very carefully. For bream only leam and bloodworm. 5 heavy and hard balls and 5 lighter ones for the start. We decided not to feed till we hook or catch big fish, so I needed to top up after 1 hour both days J When the fish were there I fed carefully, when they left, then a bit more aggressive to bring them back. Very soft balls to collect them from middlewater, they were not really on the bottom sometimes.

CT: Let´s do the next step and talk about the setup of your tackle. What kind of pole, elastic, mainline, float, hooklength and hooksize did you use. I think, that it was a bit tricky to fish for the small roaches and also be prepared for the big breams.

TW: I used 2 poles but they were the same Serie Walter Continental Pro, 13m for the bream and 8-9m for the perch. ream elastic yellow hydro from Daiwa, for perch Preston Slip 0,65mm. I used my float SW Lake Pro, 0,75 for perch and 1,5g for bream. Hooklength was 0,10 with size 14 for bream, and 0,07 fluorocarbon with size 24 for perch.

Five big bream were enough to win the section on the first day of the competition

CT: How was the first day of competition for you?

TW: Good peg but strong neighbor on my left: Dieter Friedrichs from Holland. 1 hour smallfish for 29pcs, about 1,2kg enjoyed a lot, but then I saw some bubbles, so went in and got the first bream in 5 minutes. After Dieter had 2 so I needed to catch one more to equalize. We had about 1 hour then without big fish in the section, so was thinking about coming back to short pole but Dieter had the 3rd fish, and very soon the 4th, so I decided to risk and go for it. 3 breams in a roll in the last hour so I won.

CT: Did you plan any changes for day two? How was day two for you?

TW: I had an end peg, D26, no reason to change. Anyway I had a 2,5kg ide after 4 minutes from the short pole so easy tactic for the rest of the match. I had a nice bream in the second hour from 13m. As I was the only one with big fish in my section everybody else concentrated to become 2nd with smallfish,  so it was my easiest matchday ever. Very stromg section with Raison, Gabba, Horler, Friedrichs but I had the very best peg on Sunday. I could easily win even without big fish as my peg was full of perch too and the 2nd place was 800g after my 5kg section win.

On day 2, Tamas had strong competitors in the section, including Günter Horler (to his left), the Italian Ferruccio Gabba, and Will Raison  Two bonus fish in 2nd round made the difference and brought Tamas Walter the title

CT: You and your wife Diana are amazing successful in matchfishing, do we have to expect, that your little daughter will be the next worldchampion?

TW: Which one? We have two daughters already! I hope that both girls will be interested in matchfishing, we will see, but I hope that Diana will also have some chance in the future

Tamas Walter after the mandatory dip in the channel

CT: The matchfishing scene in Hungary is not quite big, despite that the team from hungary are always quite successful, do you have an diea why?

TW: You are right, we have maybe 20-25 top anglers and only 15 with international experience. I think it is mainly a financial issue.

The Hungarian National Team took the bronze medal at the European Championships 2016  The European champion Tamas Walter (center) with the runner-up Yauhen Sviatoshchyk from Belarus and the bronze medalist Kent Adell from Sweden

CT: Tamas, we wish you and your family some pleasant days and looking forward to see you at your amazing Walterland Cup in Szeged nect year! Thx for the interveiw

TW: Welcome guys

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